Much like a Transformer, I’m more than meets the eye.

On the outside, I’m another Brooklyn bearded creative. I can be counted on to wear flannel in the fall and band tees in the summer.

But on the inside, I’m an avid fan of craft beers and I avoid eating at chain restaurants. I make my coffee in a Chemex and I swear by my own cold brew. I’m constantly on the hunt for new music and lately I’ve been getting into buying vinyl.

Shit. It’s exactly what it looks like.

Here’s my resume, if you’re into that kind of thing.

There can only be one


My bucket list includes:

  1. Get my photography into a gallery

  2. Spend 2-3 months driving across the southwest, visiting small towns and photographing them

  3. Enter a chili cook off

  4. Write a comic book

  5. Go whale watching in the San Juan Islands and see orcas